By having a Key Restriction system installed you have an added advantage of having complete control at all times.

With Key Restriction only you ( The Property or Business Owner) can get the keys cut. As the Key is Restricted, you can only get this key cut.  So as landlord if you have distributed 5 keys and at the end of the tenancy you received 5 keys back.  You can be assured that no other locksmith or key cutting shop will have  been able to make a copy of this key.
This means that your premises is secure and no new locks have to be installed as a result.
Saving you the stress of having to get locks changed and money.
This key system is also available on a high security cylinder. An important and integral part on home and business security. High Security or Anti Snap locks have added features that make a break in or burglary much more difficult.
Locksafe Locksmith Dublin also offer a 90 day warranty on all work carried out.