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With over 10 years experience, Locksafe are your South Dublin and North Wicklow Locksmith. We have built a strong reputation as a trusted, reliable locksmith with a strong client base.

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Guaranteeing a first class service every time. We are fully licensed locksmiths, a member of the ILO and are fully insured. We offer our customers a 24 hour, 7 day a week service. Locksafe are so confident in our services that we provide a 90 day warranty on all our services and products.


No hidden costs

We are always transparent with our pricing and there are NO HIDDEN COSTS. Locksafe Locksmiths, South Dublin and North Wicklow, only use the highest quality security products on the market today. Contact us using our contact form or call 087 222 7756.


Unrivalled Service

We offer an unrivalled customer service. Moving into a new property? lost your keys? or just want to upgrade your current locks? Dublin Locksmith Locksafe are always there for you. We work fast and efficiently to meet our customer’s expectations.


Keeping up to date with industry standards

24 hour Emergency Locksmith Dublin

Locksafe are Licensed Locksmiths and are required to attend regular training sessions throughout the year with the Irish Locksmiths Organisation (ILO) to ensure we are compliant with locksmith industry and insurance standards. This ensures we have access to the latest security products that meet the latest PSA standards.


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What our locksmith clients in Dublin say

“Excellent, fast and efficient service. Much improved front and back door locks, and window locks, were put in place after attempted break-in recently. Home is much more secure now. Would recommend.”

Kevin Cronin

Dublin, Google Review

“Ali came out to change locks on a couple of doors and put in a spy hole today. The service was absolutely fantastic. He was courteous, genuine but most importantly did a fantastic job. He talked me through the options available clearly and explained everything as he completed the work. I would highly recommend Ali from Locksafe.ie. Brilliant service!”

Eddie Mullins

Dublin, Google Review

“We called Ali at 11.30pm on a Friday night and he was out to our house in 15 minutes. Ali was very friendly and super professional. He was careful to ensure we owned the home before doing any work. He opened our door and replaced the lock within 20 minutes. If you are stuck for anything to do with locks or security I would not hesitate to call Ali, he is a hero amongst men.”

James Browne

Dublin, Google Review

“I was more than happy with the service,efficiency and value offered by “Locksafe “.I can definitely recommend them to anybody who needs a locksmith.More than happy with the quality of their service.

John Connor

Dublin, Google Review

Emergency Locksmith Dublin

Locksafe are a Locksmith Dublin specialist company based in Dun Laoghaire, serving Dublin City Centre, South County Dublin and North Wicklow. As Security Specialists, we work with An Garda Siochana and neighbourhood watch association meetings on a regular basis. Presenting at these meetings the security products needed and advising the audience on how to change their habits that will make their home less likely for a targeted break in.
The security products that we supply and fit are of the highest standard and as your Dublin Locksmiths we stand over our lock installations, providing the customer with a 90 day warranty on all work we provide for parts and labour.
At Locksafe we continuously train our professional staff so that they are proficient and competent on all new products that are introduced to the market.
Our Locksmith Dublin team attend security exhibitions regularly obtaining the knowledge needed to provide the best service possible to you the customer. Locksafe ensures that the customer is always one step ahead of the intruder who target’s homes and business premises.When installing locks our Locksmith Dublin team understand that everyone’s security needs can be different. For example a senior citizen may have difficulty operating a particular type of night latch or mortise lock.

Locksafe Locksmith Alternatives

There are alternatives to our usual high standard locks such as key aids and thumb turn locks that make it easier for the homeowner to operate.
We advise on the cost of our services upfront, so there are no hidden or unexpected expenses. The customer only needs to spend their money on what is necessary.For Landlords and Air B and B property owners, we have the key solutions for you that will make your life easier. You can get keys that are restricted to you, which means that they can not be copied without your consent. This simply means that if you hand out a certain number of keys during a letting and they are all returned you do not have to go the expense of changing all of the locks.

You could also go keyless through an electronic lock however you will need a WiFi signal in your property. The App for the lock will allow access only through your own management so that only you can allow access for short periods or extend them according to the agreement you have with the renter.

Our locksmith Dublin team are confident that whatever your security needs are, Locksafe will provide the solution you need.

Local Dublin Locksmith Securing Homes
Here at Locksafe locksmiths, we are aware that the number of break ins and burglaries are on the increase in Dublin. There is something that you as a home or business owner can do and that is simply being proactive in preventing this from happening.
We will call to your home or business and look at the the lock types and mechanisms that you have currently installed on your doors and windows. From the inspection we will determine if lock upgrades are required, unfortunately some intruders have found ways to bypass the locks you may currently have, if this is the case you may need to upgrade your locks,
Our Dublin based locksmiths will supply and fit locks of a higher standard, our locks have been tested against being bumped or picked open.

By having one of our lock upgrades to a high security cylinder you are deterring a break in attempt on your home or business premises.
Most intruders look at the identifying marks on the front of the lock, they know from the kite-mark that if the lock is of a BS standard it will be to difficult to break so they simply won’t bother. This is because this lock type requires a lot more effort to try and open, it would need a drill and several carbide drill bits to attack the lock without any guaranteed success.

By creating layers of obstacles, such as a lock upgrades you are making it an unlikely prospect to the burglar – would be intruder to contemplate gaining entry to your home.