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Yale Smart Locks

Yale Smart Locks

Great news!!! No need for keys any more with the new Yale Smart Locks. This lock has numerous smart ways of working without the use of a physical key.

Typing in the required Pin Number.

The main features with the Yale Smart Locks are that you can have minimum of a 4 digit code. In addition, you can have up to 20 pin codes of length 4-20 digits.

Even more importantly is that you can open the lock remotely with your smart phone no matter where in the world you may be!!

You can also create a 24-hour PIN codes for temporary access.  In addition, the door can also be opened with a fobs / keycards / mobile phone stickers to unlock the door or an app to unlock the door remotely (although this requires the purchase of a Smart Home system like Samsung SmartThings product.)

Furthermore, other nifty features that this lock can perform include unlocking when it senses your smart phone is nearby or notifying you if the door has been opened at an unexpected time of day.

This is operated with the use of 4 x AA batteries which can last for up to 10,000 locks and the door notifies the user when the batteries are running low.

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