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uPVC Window and Door Repair/Maintenance

uPVC Window and Door Repair/Maintenance

Locksafe Locksmiths specialise in uPVC windows/doors repair and maintenance. Damage to uPVC windows/doors is becoming an increasing problem due to burglars using brute force to gain entry into houses and business premises.

As your uPVC windows/doors get older you may encounter problems such as hinges breaking or even locking mechanisms not working.

When your window/door handles stop working or malfunction in any way then the only option is to replace the part. This is a fairly cheap option compared to replacing the whole unit. Your locks can fail for a number of reasons. For example, sometimes if the lock has never been maintained or has worn down from the passage of time then you will have problems with the mechanism. Many people upgrade the locks on their windows/doors to a high security cylinder as recommended by insurance companies and An Garda Siochana.

We maintain all makes of uPVC windows/doors. Due to wear and tear, uPVC windows/doors can lose their strength and therefore level of security. We at Locksafe Locksmiths can service your uPVC windows/doors to ensure that they are as secure as possible.

With uPVC windows/doors there are a few different repair issues that are fairly common. For example broken hinges, alignment issues, failed door mechanisms, and broken handles are just a few of these problems. Many of our customers complain about draughty windows/doors also. After Locksafe Locksmiths services (upvc windows/doors repair and maintenance) your windows/doors they will be as good as new. Hence, there is no need for a replacement!

We can repair or replace all parts of your uPVC windows/doors from;

  • Window Handles

  • Window Locks

  • Friction Stays

  • Door Handles

  • Door Bolts/Strips

  • Door Cylinders

  • Window/Door Hinges

We use all of the following brands of door lock strips to ensure your doors/windows are as secure as possible.

  • Lockmaster

  • Nordan

  • Millenco

  • GU Europa

  • Yale


  • Mila

  • Fix Scandinavian

  • Fix Euro Profile