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Night Chains / Spy Holes

Night Chains & Spy Holes

We install night chains and spy holes for added domestic securityNight Chains and Spy Holes are additional security features that can be fitted to wooden or UPVC doors.  The spy hole allows the occupant to view the outside area of the property before answering a call.  Manual spy holes can be installed that can be viewed from the door. Digital spy hole allows the occupant to see who has called using a small hand held screen.

They can be used in a door, usually in an apartment or hotel room. They allow the person behind the door, the security of seeing outside without opening the door. Glass spy holes are often fitted with a fisheye lens to allow a wider field of view from the inside. This also allows for little to no visibility from the outside.

The night chain is an added security feature that is secured to the door frame and the door itself allowing the door to be opened a few inches.