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Lock Opening and Picking

Lock Opening and Picking Service

we supply a lock opening and picking service throughout Dublin

Lock Opening and Picking is a skill acquired by trained locksmiths in order to gain entry to a property in the quickest time possible. Importantly, Locksafe locksmiths provides these services in the most non-destructive way possible. The type of lock on the property dictates which method for by-passing a lock is most suitable.

LOCKSAFE staff are all:

  • Garda vetted & carry ID.
  • Fully trained & Competent in all methods of entry listed below.
  • Will advise on most appropriate & non-destructive method of entry.
  • Prompt & Efficient delivering value-for-money service.

How Will You Open My Locked Door?

Slipping a lock

This is the quickest method used to for lock opening and depends on how well a lock has been fitted to your door. However, very little ‘play in the door’ and the type of lock installed may be factors in preventing  a lock from being easily slipped.


Lock picking can be used in certain circumstances. We will assess this and decide if it is possible upon inspection. Most standard cylinders installed on front doors have five pins.  By picking these pins individually, it will make it more easier for the locksmith to by-pass.


‘Bumping’ is another effective method that locksmiths use for opening locks. This involves using a blank key of similar brand to the lock on your door. Once the key is inserted three quarters way into the lock, some tension is applied. The key is then hit on the head lightly. This results in the lock opening thus giving you access to the property

The difficulty in the process of lock-opening for a trained locksmith depends on what type of lock has been installed. Therefore, the most important question to be answered is whether the security functionality was considered when the lock was fitted.

For example, a cylinder incorrect in size for a door can easily be by-passed by snapping the barrel. Therefore, it is important that the correct size lock will display security features standing over the tests undertaken. This gives the customer reassurance about the quality of their security.

Drilling through a lock

This is the ‘last resort’ used to gain access to your property if all of the above methods have proved unsuccessful. To note, this destructive method will result in replacing the lock.

Another point to note is that by upgrading cylinders which incorporate an anti-bump functionality built into the lock barrel, or with cylinders with 6 pins or more, this make it less accessible for the lock to be bypassed.

LOCKSAFE Locksmiths are consummate professionals who will advise you on which method is most appropriate in order for you to gain access to your property in the most non-destructive and efficient manner to the client.