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Lock Installation

Lock Installation Service

we offer a professional lock installation service throughout Dublin

How well your home or business’ premises is secured depends on three features listed below. It is these that LOCKSAFE give priority to and ultimate consideration when choosing and fitting the most appropriate lock for your type of property.

  • Type of lock fitted on your door.
  • How it was installed.
  • Its placement on your door.


Regardless of the lock chosen it is imperative it is of a reputable standard. Also, it should have successfully undergone stringent testing. Locksafe pride themselves in providing only the best and most reliable locks for their lock installation service. This ensures security is of an optimum standard.

Which Type of Lock Should I Have Installed?

Traditional solid wooden doors

Solid wood door lock fitting serviceTraditional solid wooden doors usually have two types of locks. Firstly the Night Latch closes the door to its locked position. The second fitted is a Dead / Mortice (Chubb) Lock used to ensure that the first lock (night-latch) can not be opened by slipping / picking the lock. The Chubb lock is equally important in that its functionality depends on how well the lock has been fitted. As a result, when installing a lock it is imperative you use the right size and type of lock in order to achieve optimum security.

Most of wooden doors require a 60 millimetre night-latch positioned approximately shoulder height on the door. It is important when the door closes that little room is visible between the door and its frame. This avoids any shake or door rattle noise. If a lock is installed incorrectly, it presents an opportunity for intruders to slip the lock and access your premises easily. To avoid this, it is recommended to install a Dead Locking Night Latch or those with an anti-slip device built into the lock.

Wooden doors with glass panels

Wood door with glass panels lock installationThe size of the ‘lock case’  depends on the type of door you have. For example, wooden doors with glass panels require a much smaller lock case. Anything too big could weaken the door rendering the lock partially effective. When the door is in a closed position and the key is turned on the Chubb lock, the bolt should lock and unlock easily. There should be no room between the frame that makes the door rattle when locked.




Multiple Occupancy Properties

Premises with multiple occupancies e.g. an apartment, require detailed prior consideration to the premise’s chosen lock. Chubb locks should not be considered or installed for these types of properties. Instead, a Thumb Turn Lock on the inside that dead locks the door while using a key from the outside is considered the best option for multiple occupancy premises. The reason is, if you need to vacate the property quickly e.g. an emergency, it avoids occupants searching for the key.

In conclusion, it is important to note that in the long-run a reputable branded lock that has been tested rigorously containing additional security features will inevitably result in the enhancement of your property’s security. Thus giving peace of mind for the owner or occupier. Contact Locksafe today for your lock installation.