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Residential Locksmiths in South Dublin

Residential Locksmith Services

Locksafe are reputable South Dublin residential locksmiths that supply and fit high-end quality locks and security products in your home

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High Security Anti-Snap Locks

Anti-snap locks are a must for any residential home. This is due to them having security functionality that general euro profile cylinders do not have. Unlike general cylinders, high security locks are built with an anti-snap element to the lock. This prevents an intruder using a common approach of snapping the barrel to gain access to your home. Good quality high-security cylinders cannot be ‘bumped’ with a similar key blank and has hardened drill pins.

5 Lever Chubb Lock

Every external wooden door should have a five lever chubb lock installed. This ensures that the overall security of the door is enhanced. Without this lock, your home is vulnerable and may not be insured in the event of a break in. The brands that we use are some of the best products that are on the market with anti-drill plates and come with a of 10 year warranty.

Yale Night Latches

Yale night latches are easily installed or can replace existing locks of a similar size. Installed properly, they are very effective locks providing excellent security. Most of the higher end models have a dead locking mechanism. Slipping a night latch is a method that intruders commonly use to gain access to homes. This proves difficult to do with the dead locking mechanism. The night latches have a button on the face of the lock that allows you to pull down into a locked position. This also prevents the lock from being slipped or picked from the outside. Also, if you are popping outside the front door for a few minutes you can turn the latch to an open position and push the snib down to prevent the door from locking behind you. Contact your residential locksmiths for more information.

Security Door Chains & Manual/Digital Spy Holes

We supply and fit high-end security door chain’s made by Abus. These door chains have thick steel links that are break-proof preventing intruders from forcing the door open and accessing your property. The digital spy hole is another product that we are happy to recommend and install. Again, designed and made by Abus, they allow you to view on the screen who is on the other side of the door. This product also allows you to zoom in and out, also allowing you to take a picture of the person on the other side of the door.  Contact your residential locksmiths, Locksafe Locksmiths, for more information.

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Window Restrictor

The window restrictor comes in two forms. One is a key operated type and the second is a fixed restricted position. Both come in brown or white and are fixed to the window and the frame itself. The window restrictor has a steel cord with a plastic nylon covering on it, that allows the window to open about five inches. These are a must for any apartment or two storey house where family with small children may reside. 

Lock Boxes/Key Minders

The lock box is a steel container that houses a set of keys. This is securely bolted to your wall of your home. The lock box can only be accessed by entering the correct code on the face of the box. Lock boxes are ideal for care workers allowing them to access the property of the person they are caring for. The codes can be easily changed as often as needed by the homeowner and we spend time with our clients to demonstrate how this can be done.

The Yale Digital Door Lock

The yale digital door lock is a replacement for the manual night latch, operated by a battery this lock never needs a key to open it.  By simply entering the code on the keypad the door will open.  Importantly, the code on the lock can be changed as often as needed. This. in turn, provides you with the knowledge that your home is secure.  Therefore, you no longer have to worry about carrying a key or if you lose it then being locked out. Contact your residential locksmiths, Locksafe Locksmiths, for more information.

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