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Locked Out Of Your Car?

Locked Out Of Your Car?

Are You Locked Out Of Your Car?

Have you locked yourself out of your car? Do you need access urgently? Locksafe Auto Locksmiths are fully trained in gaining access to all makes and models of car. We specialise in Toyota, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Open/Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Lexus makes.

Auto Locksmiths Dublin

Vehicle-opening services are required by motor owners primarily due to human error (as a result of accidental daily occurrences). Other reasons can be out of individual control (such as vehicle electronic malfunction). This is when a qualified and reliable auto locksmith is required. LOCKSAFE Locksmiths operate a Damage-Free Car Opening Service to overcome whatever situation drivers find themselves in. Furthermore, we do this in the quickest time frame possible at competitive rates.

More often than not drivers don’t carry the spare key of their vehicle on their person. If they purchased a second-hand vehicle may never have received a spare key. Thus follows that when locked out of their vehicle they find themselves suddenly stranded and in a state of panic wondering ‘Who to call?’, ‘How long am I going to be left waiting’?

LOCKSAFE Auto Locksmiths have been GARDA Vetted. They are highly professional and are trained in vehicle opening. In addition, we can easily access your car in the most non-destructive up-to-date method available. As well as this, we can do it in the quickest time frame possible. We operate throughout Dublin and its surrounding areas.

Reasons keys become locked inside a vehicle:

  • Quickly closing the boot door shut before removing the car key from the boot floor.
    • Example; keys are accidentally placed under bags of shopping when loading and unloading the boot.
  • Automatic vehicle locking after a few minutes of inactivity with the keys still inside the automobile.
    • Example; when washing the car at home, paying for petrol etc.
  • Vehicle Electronic Malfunction.
  • Jump starting a car locks cycle and locks keys inside if all the doors are shut.
  • Accidentally keys have fallen out of an individual’s hand only to drop into a nearby roadside drain.

Why call LOCKSAFE Locksmiths?

LOCKSAFE Locksmiths…..

  • Specialise in Vehicle Opening & Home /Commercial Security & Opening.
  • Access vehicles and properties in the safest, non-destructive, up-to-date method.
  • Offer a professional, reliable service carried out by skilled GARDA Vetted locksmiths.
  • Operate a 24/7 service throughout Dublin & surrounding areas.
  • Offer a competitive, value-for-money service.
  • Carry out Free Security Inspections of properties.
  • Member of the Irish Locksmith’s Organisation (ILO).

Locksafe are Dublin’s No 1 in Emergency Locksmiths and offer you 90 day warranty on parts and labour.

Don’t forget to visit our online shop at www.locksafe.ie/shop to pick up items to make your home/business more secure.

Contact Locksafe Locksmiths for any of your residential or commercial requirements on getting high quality locks installed.  Locksafe – your number one locksmith near you in Dublin.

Contact us today at  ali@locksafe.ie, @locksafe2, 0872227756 to enquire.

Locksafe.ie, proudly partnered with Jupiter Security for all your home alarm/CCTV/Access Control needs.

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