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Free Home Security Assessment

Free Home Security Assessment

Locksafe Locksmiths offer Free Home Security Assessments to home owners ensuring your property is as safe and secure as possible while you are on the premises or away from it.

Ali Mehmet, Locksafe Locksmith

Our Free Home Security Assessments are carried out by reputable Garda Vetted Locksmiths who are members of the Irish Locksmiths Organisation (ILO) servicing Dublin and its surrounding areas.

Locksafe will look not only at the four walls of the property but at its place in the environment as a whole to ensure the boundary areas cannot be used as a means of entry by those trying to access your property.

Remember a property that appears to offer too much hassle or work for a criminal trying to access will quickly be dismissed for an alternative property with weak points in its security thus offering quick ease of access.


Benefits of Free Home Security Assessment

Reduce burglaries, home invasions, theft by advising you of certain security precautions that will result in a               more secure home.

Make the owner more aware of ways to increase the property’s exterior security by making simple changes to         the perimeter, driveway, shrubbery, Wheelie bins etc.

Advise on ways to increase security at the most common places of entry.


Locksafe Locksmiths have carried our countless Free Home Security Assessments to date in Dublin and its surrounding areas resulting in very positive outcomes.

Your Free Home Security Assessment will be carried out by Locksafe who are consummate professionals with up to date training, who will advise you on locks that can be easily installed resulting in a major difference to your property’s overall security.


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