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Door closer’s.


office and commercial door closers  Door Closers can be used on both internal and external doors.

Most internal doors with ‘door closers’ would typically be  rooms / offices with restrictive access to certain areas.   The ‘door closer’ operates well in conjunction with a magnetic lock,  as  once the ‘Push’ button is pressed, the door releases and thus opens/ closes  slowly  by the ‘door closer’s’ control arm.  The speeds  in which a door closes by itself can be  controlled by adjusting  either of the two  screws on the side of the ‘door closer’ mechanism. This  in  turn controls the internal spring which allows the door to close at the operator’s required  speed.  External doors with a substantial foot-fall are more likely to be a lot  heavier than internal doors and as a result should have a ‘door closer’ installed.

‘Door Closers’ are a worthwhile investment as they offer:

Safety-to all who use the door preventing it slam shut uncontrollably.

Durability- the life of the door will be enhanced as the weight and size of the door has additional support.


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