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Door Closers

Door Closers

As its name suggests, a door closer is a mechanical device that is responsible for closing a door after someone opens it. Designed to be attached to the frame and the door, most door closers have adjustable closing and latching speeds. This makes them suitable for both left- and right-hand closing doors. There are four surface mounted types of door closers. These include slide-track arm, regular-arm surface mounted, parallel-arm surface mounted and top jamb mounted.

Overhead door closers are available as both surface mounted or concealed versions. This is where a pocket inside the door houses the mechanism. This concealment can also be achieved by mounting the closer in the floor directly below the pivot point.

Surface mounted closers are normally attached to the door frame behind the door next to the middle hinge. The ‘arm’ rests against the door and a spring that is tensioned by the user opening the door then re-closes the door by retracting to its proper shape once the pressure applied by the user has been released.

office and commercial door closersThese devices also include storm door and screen door variations. These feature piston-shaped  closers that give an extra line of defence against weather or intruders. Unlike the hydraulics used on standard interior closers, storm door closers make use of pneumatic pressure, using a combination of air and springs to close the door. For convenience, most storm door closers will include a small metal collar. This collar can be used to lock the door in an open position to ease the movement of furniture or the ingress of a large number of people.

Concealed jamb-mounted door closers are available in both controlled and uncontrolled versions. These are fitted to mortised recesses in the door and frame. This means ther are totally concealed and protected from interference when the door is closed.