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Digital Locks

Digital Locks


The Digital lock is an electronic lock that can be used on cabinets, office furniture and lockers used in gyms and health clubs. 

Digital locks for Gyms and Health Clubs provide ultimate locker security using a 4 digit security code replacing traditional locks that you see on lockers and cabinets.  In the event that the user forgets the code their is a management override code that can be used.  Digi locks offers security and convenience without key management, providing keyless locks for both day use (shared used) and assigned used lockers. 

When using Digital Locks for office and commercial use, employees can use an available locker for the duration of their shift.  A user simply finds an available locker and types in their unique 4 digit pin to take that locker for the day.  Digital Locks can be programmed with an auto unlock if spaces are limited, this is to prevent the locker storage from being abused.

Digital  locks are ideal for restricting access to areas where only authorised people need entry. For example, server rooms or storage areas where cash-convertible items are kept. This simple but effective method of security ensures your investments are protected. It also eliminates the risk of lost door keys which would need a change of lock. This is due to the fact that most digital door locks can have their codes changed as often as required. Advanced digital door locks may also include a master-key as an additional safeguard/back-up facility.

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