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Window Restrictor.

Worried about your child opening a window out fully is a fear for most parents.  Especially for a bedroom window that is on the first floor of a house or it could be higher up if you live in an apartment. The answer is the UAP Window

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Window Sash Jammer’s.

LockSafe- Dublin Locksmith prevents break in happening for a second time.   Recently LockSafe Locksmiths were contacted by an individual living at an address in Milltown, Dublin. We  had previously been called to the same address several months earlier after an attempted break in. When we arrived

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How Vulnerable is Your House?

How Vulnerable is Your House? A person’s house is often the single largest purchase or investment they are ever likely to make. Much time and consideration is given prior to purchase. Therefore it is equally important that the same time and consideration is given into making their

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Home & Business Safes – What Type & Where to Fit

Home & Business Safes – What Type & Where to Fit Large amounts of cash, valuable jewellery, precious heirlooms and private & confidential documents such as financial and medical notes to name but a few, are items that more often than not require a secure place of

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Home Security Tips for Going Away on Holiday

Home Security Tips for Going Away on Holiday With the number of inmates incarcerated in Irish prisons for ‘Burglary and Related Offences’ on an annual rise since 2010, home security remains one of the primary concerns for homeowners especially when they are away from their property for

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Door closer’s.

    Door Closers can be used on both internal and external doors. Most internal doors with ‘door closers’ would typically be  rooms / offices with restrictive access to certain areas.   The ‘door closer’ operates well in conjunction with a magnetic lock,  as  once the ‘Push’ button

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Lock Boxes for housing keys

Lock boxes for housing keys.   Steel lock boxes are ideal in situations where keys are required to a premises by more than one person.   Rather than have numerous keys distributed to individuals, this is a more practical and secure method to managing key access to

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Anti Thrust Plates for doors.

Anti thrust plates are made from steel and are generally installed on doors to protect the lock case.  Due to the nature of the type of door, such as double doors or door that open outwards from the building.  It is worth installing an anti thrust plate

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ABUS 3 Star Anti Snap Locks

Three Star ABUS (3*) anti snap lock is one of the highest accredited locks on the market.  The lock itself has been designed against cylinder snapping which is the most common method used to break into homes.  It is also drill, pick and bump resistant and fits

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Driveway security

Driveway security is on a lot of homeowners minds with burglaries on the increase. Intruders are not just looking for house hold items that can easily be converted into cash such as the smart phone, hand held tablet and other valuables.  Break in’s mainly occur as intruders

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