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Digital Spy holes & door bells.

The digital spy hole allows you to zoom in and out to identify the individual on the outside of your door.  You can also take a picture of that person from your side of the door, if you are not sure who it is before you answer

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Window sash locks

Sash locks on windows are designed to be installed whereby the bolts come in two pieces. The 1st part of the bolt is installed on the lower window’s, top part of the frame.  This 1st bolt guides a steel pin into a 2nd bolt that fixed on

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Emergency locksmith service by Locksafe.

Locksafe provide a 24 Hour, 7 day a week emergency locksmith services, offering the customer a prompt and reliable service.  We offer emergency locksmith services, where and when you need us for whatever the reason. When you are looking for a emergency locksmith service it means that

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Securing your windows. (Break in’s)

Additional security for your windows. Most windows today, that are wooden or UPVC will have a multi point locking mechanism. Meaning that at least 2 or more of the points engage into a receiver on the frame when locked. This said, intruders are still managing to prize these windows

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Master key system for commercial premises.

What is a master key system? This means that it is possible for people with authorization, to access different doors within a commercial building with just one key. The benefits are that you will have the security functionality with as few keys as you want. It is

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Key storage lock boxes.

Care workers require access to the home of those that require their service.   The key storage lock box is an ideal unit that is used to house keys.  Made from steel and bolted to a solid wall, keys can be accessed by typing in the correct

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Security for UPVC double doors

This security product will send out a clear message to the intruder, telling them that you have taken the security of your property seriously.  The Patlock fits over both set’s of handles on the doors, clicking together and is highly visible from the outside.  This is a

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Break in’s /burglaries in Dublin are on the increase.

Dublin Locksmith – LockSafe.ie are receiving more calls relating to burglaries / break in’s. We provide a 24 hour locksmith service to all Dublin and surrounding area’s, but lately the calls that we get are of a reactive nature.  In other words when their is a break

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Free home security inspection – provided by LockSafe Dublin Locksmiths

With Christmas approaching, break in’s and burglaries are on the increase.  LockSafe are offering a free home security inspection to any home owner in Dublin that want’s to avail of this.  Lock up-grades to high security cylinders will deter break in’s.  As the method that is used

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Security door handles (SBD) Secured by design

These security door handles have the SBD logo, which means that they the approval of the police in Britain.  They have a protective beveled rolling key way that protects the lock barrel.  This means that the conventional way that is used by intruders to snap a lock

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