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uPVC Door Repair/Maintenance

Due to an increased level of break-in’s in the Dublin area, especially through uPVC doors, it is essential that your uPVC door is as secure as possible. This not only involves ensuring that you enable the deadbolt lock feature on it when leaving the house but also

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Marine coated locks

Marine coated locks are treated with special enamel, this is to protect the lock from the elements giving it a longer life. Locks types / models that are made can be installed on interior or exterior doors.  The exterior version will be slightly more expensive when you

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ABUS SR30 internal door lock

The ABUS SR30 internal door lock is a supplementary lock that compliments existing locks on most front or back doors. Simple to use, by sliding the bolt across into the receiver, this lock adds extra security your home.  If you have double doors at the rear of

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Borg Locks For Metal Gates

The BORG Gate-lock is a new and unique product which combines two marine grade keypads (Back to Back), with a special lock case with anti ligature features and an adjustable latch bolt, designed to fit metal gates of various sizes and types. Locksafe Locksmiths, your local dublin locksmiths, working as both

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Moving into a new house and changing the locks?

If you are moving into your new home, then you need to consider changing the locks.  You would have had the previous owners, their key minders such as neighbors and family that would at some point held a key.  Locksafe Locksmiths, who are locksmiths near you in

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Added security for your uPVC and Wooden Doors

Locksafe Locksmiths, your local Dublin Locksmith can provide you with the KVF door strip which is a multi-point door system that is used on UPVC and Wooden doors.  Unlike other mechanisms where the handle is lifted and the bolts and hooks engage the receivers in the frame,

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Digilocks-Keyless Solution for Health Clubs & Gyms

The Digilock an electronic lock that can be used on cabinets, office furniture and lockers used in gyms and health clubs. Digilocks for Gyms and Health Clubs provide ultimate locker security using a 4 digit security code replacing traditional locks that you see on lockers and cabinets. 

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Have you beading on the outside of your windows?

Locksafe Locksmiths have been called to properties where break in’s have occurred in area’s all over the Dublin region.  One of the main issues that people are aware of is that windows may present an easier opportunity for the burglar to gain access to a property.  This

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Extra security for windows that open out

Yale make a great lock that is perfect for either a wooden or aluminum windows that open out.  They are designed to work in conjunction with the existing handles/locks. Most windows that are broken into, where the intruder has successfully gained access to that property have been

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Free Home Security tips from Locksafe, your local Locksmith and Security Expert

The following are some free tips from Locksafe Locksmiths, your local Dublin Locksmith, on keeping your home/business as safe as possible and also in the process detracting burglars from breaking into your home/business.  Ensure that your boundary shrubs are cut low so that neighboring houses can see

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